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What is an SKU? SKU or stock keeping unit is a product code assigned to a product that can be used to search and identify the stock on hand. SKUs are alphanumeric numbers that can effectively identify and organize your inventory. SKUs allow you to effortlessly track your inventory right down to individual variants of every product (color, size, etc.). They are also unique and specific to particular locations.

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UNEX SKUBE slotting software analyzes material flows in the warehouse, determines the velocity of SKUs, and decides where SKUs should be stored to optimize speed.

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UNEX SKUBE software uses information from inventory to analyze and assign products to the correct storage medium. Putting inventory in the right storage medium ensures that products fit in the most optimal space. By slotting properly, you're able to maximize warehouse space and ensure that your footprint is not wasted. SKU proliferation is rampant in most eCommerce warehouses today as businesses carry more and more different products. Warehouse managers need to be able to fit this growing number of SKUs into the same warehouse footprint.

If products are stored in the correct slot locations in the right storage medium in the warehouse, then workers have easier access to products. This has ergonomic benefits as well because products are well-positioned so that workers don’t have to reach or strain to lift items.

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UNEX SKUBE software sorts through certain factors, like carton size, height, and weight, as well as product velocity to determine what should go where in what type of carton flow set-up for maximum efficiency. The easier and faster the product moves in the order picking process, the more efficient the operation. The software program helps you determine how to do that.

The UNEX developed SKUBE slotting software evaluates your specific operation and provides you with a custom, 3D AutoCAD model of your warehouse. SKUBE can help you prioritize and optimize your operation’s throughput while helping you reduce footsteps, decrease search and travel, and increase overall order picking productivity.



SKUBE ensures that the proper carton flow solution is used as some items work better in an open carton flow bed, while others move more efficiently in a unit with defined lanes. Using weight analysis, the SKUBE software can determine the maximum number of cartons to go on each type of shelf most efficiently without over-burdening the system. The carton size impacts the type of storage used. A carton that is heavy, tall and wide is harder to pick than a light carton that can easily be grabbed with two hands, so selecting the right storage medium is important to improve fulfillment operations along with space utilization.

Product height also determines the minimum amount of space needed to efficiently store the carton. You waste space when the storage rack is set to hold a 4 x 4-feet box but the largest box you carry is 3 x 3-feet. The type of unit and amount of space needed between each shelf determines the most efficient set-up.


SKUBE software helps you rationalize each SKU to lay the groundwork for important initiatives, such as warehouse space optimization
and price optimization, and it's used to improve product availability. Having too many products correlates with an overabundance of suppliers, data, people, analysis, machines, and storage space. SKU Rationalization is a decision-making process that determines if a product should be continued to be sold, helping you to rid your business of unnecessary inventory costs. SKU rationalization helps you reduce the number of SKUs you carry.

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