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SpeedCell Speeds E-Commerce Fulfillment

According to Statista, retail e-commerce sales in the US will grow to $561B in 2019 with growth in 2023 reaching $735B. Of these numbers, apparel, and accessories retail e-commerce in the US is projected to generate over $138.7B US in revenue by 2022. Not only has the market increased substantially, but consumers have changed the market’s expectations of fulfillment. Everyone wants their online orders to be handled just like Amazon does – meaning with speed and ease.

When you order from Amazon, you are immediately alerted that the order has been placed and when it will be scheduled to ship. Amazon sends you this information within a few minutes to hours and keeps you informed of your delivery until it arrives at your door. Consumers want their orders as fast as possible. If you aren’t Amazon or have millions of dollars of equipment and labor in-house to fulfill orders like the behemoth retailer, what can you do to speed fulfillment?

UNEX SpeedCell Will Speed Your Fulfillment Operations

UNEX SpeedCell is a unique order picking and dynamic, high-density storage solution. It is made up of columns of high-strength industrial textile that is fire and flame resistant and won’t mold or rust. SpeedCell can compress two hundred feet of rack or shelving into forty feet of highly organized space.

By condensing product storage into a smaller, more easily accessible space, UNEX’s SpeedCell reduces travel times, improves ergonomics, boosts productivity, and minimizes cost per pick. SpeedCell’s flexible pick-and-storage solutions are ideal for e-commerce fulfillment, restocking, seasonal demand, apparel, footwear, cosmetics, and other product categories that handle a large range of small SKU units and each picks.

SpeedCell speeds fulfillment operations because it provides more pick facings and greater SKU density, which reduces travel time and less seeking time. Each cell has a unique location label that makes it easier for pickers to select items to fulfill an order – faster and more accurately.

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The Dilemma of a Growing Number of SKUs in E-Commerce

E-Commerce warehouses are often plagued by an ever-growing number of SKUs as retailers add more and more products to their offerings. As a result, warehouses are constantly running out of room. It’s not easy to just go out and rent warehouse space, as warehouse real estate is in high demand with low stock. You can’t just build a new warehouse either – well, not fast enough to keep up with your SKU volume.

SpeedCell to the rescue.

SpeedCell increases storage density by 40 to 60%. It can be installed easily into any type of unused pallet rack beam. Retailers can add multiple rows and up to twelve columns in width per pallet rack, to hold hundreds of SKUs. Dead space under and around racks can be filled with SpeedCell so no space is wasted in your warehouse. Some retailers are using SpeedCell to fulfill from their brick-and-mortar stores, reducing travel time for last-mile deliveries as stores are located typically closer to consumers.

SpeedCell increases picking speeds and boosts productivity by 40%. Order pickers don’t have to dig through pallets and totes on the ground or on shelves. As consumers demand faster fulfillment for their e-commerce orders, SpeedCell can help you meet these requirements – and keep your customers happier.

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