UNEX at the MHEDA Convention

March and April have been a busy couple of months for us. Last month we had the ProMat show, which was a smashing success, and in the next week, our Pickologists will travel to San Antonio for the annual MHEDA Convention. In the past, ProMat took place in January and MHEDA took place in May, so this year they moved much closer together. It’s interesting that even though many of the same people will be at both shows, they’re completely different.


ProMat is really more of a “show and tell” show. It’s a phenomenal show to showcase our solutions and meet potential customers and partners. MHEDA has a tabletop Exhibitors’ Showcase, but our strategy for the convention is more focused on the networking and educational benefits the show provides. The show, for us, is not about finding customers but about building and strengthening relationships.

There’s a reason that so many of our distributors are MHEDA Members. MHEDA distributors are generally big-picture focused. They have a strategic goal and are willing to invest the time, money and resources to develop. Those are the kinds of partners we want to be associated with, not the companies who rely on having the lowest prices to gain business.

If you’ll remember, last year MHEDA’s Convention theme was “Superhero Leadership” and we had a lot of fun with that theme at the UNEX booth with our superhero caricaturist. This year’s theme is “Culture that Rocks.” To celebrate, we’ve hired an Elvis impersonator (or the real Elvis? Open your eyes people) to come to the UNEX booth for pictures.

The MHEDA Convention is always a great time and also an opportunity to really reflect on where we’re headed as a business. I look forward to seeing you all next week in sunny San Antonio!

Posted by: UNEX