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What is SpeedCell?

Discover Dynamic High-Density Storage That Can Dramatically Increase Storage Density

Optimizing the footprint of a warehouse or fulfillment center depends heavily on the way inventory is organized within the facility. And, the primary way workers organize that inventory is with industrial storage systems. While we’re all familiar with the typical static shelving that stays in place, today, there are more advantageous ways to maximize the throughput of fulfillment centers and warehouses. One brilliant alternative to static industrial shelving is SpeedCell dynamic high-density storage. So, what makes high-density storage dynamic, and how can SpeedCell improve the storage density in your facility? 

UNEX SpeedCell Dynamic Industrial Storage

High-Density Storage That Works Harmoniously With Your Team

Managers of warehousing, fulfillment, and retail facilities can significantly improve the overall performance of their operations with higher storage density and more accessibility for picking SKUs by implementing dynamic storage. Unlike the standard static industrial storage typically found in warehousing and fulfillment facilities (think pallet rack with wire decking or steel shelves, for example), SpeedCell dynamic high-density storage is an industrial storage solution that:

  • Improves the overall efficiency of organizing and picking inventory
  • Significantly increases pick facings and maximizes space utilization within existing pallet racks
  • Increases SKU density by up to 60% compared to picking from pallets or static shelves

SpeedCell is composed of high-strength storage cells within columns suspended in a bay of industrial pallet rack. Workers can easily slide each column of storage cells side to side on a steel track system within the rack, allowing complete access to the storage space, minimizing the shuffling of inventory, and maximizing the efficiency of each pick. Even better, no new shelving units are needed to implement the system, and SpeedCell installs easily with simple tools and hardware.

How is SpeedCell More Efficient Than Static Industrial Shelving?

When less rack space is wasted, managers of warehouses and backroom stocking areas are able to fit more SKUs into every square foot of their facility, but they can also increase labor efficiency, improving the profit per square foot across the entire space. How does SpeedCell make this possible when static shelving can’t?

Static Shelving Isn’t Adaptable

Because static shelving doesn’t move, it can’t adapt to your storage needs, so you’re stuck with whatever setup you initially implement. Although static shelving can be strong, each shelf is made to stay in place, with no ability for warehouse staff to move them to access inventory deeper in the rack. If a SKU on a static shelf runs out in the picking face, workers must replenish the storage space with inventory stored somewhere else in the facility, increasing the number of times a SKU gets shuffled around before being picked for an order. 

Dynamic Storage Makes SKUs More Accessible

Dynamic storage can be effortlessly hand-moved by warehouse staff without the aid of additional machinery or tools. When workers need access to a SKU that’s behind other inventory, they can simply slide the column of storage cells to the side for easy access. No matter how deep a piece of inventory is in the rack space, access is virtually the same. Ergonomics are significantly improved, along with the time it takes to pick an individual SKU.

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SpeedCell Improves the Utilization of Existing Rack Space

Perhaps you have existing static shelving, like wire decking, installed in pallet rack, but see the value of SpeedCell and wish you could make the switch. The good news is, you can still benefit from SpeedCell without a total change of equipment! If you have existing pallet rack in your retail storage room, fulfillment center, or warehouse, you can boost your SKU density by up to 60% with SpeedCell, because it’s designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing structures.

SpeedCell enables remarkable inventory density levels within your existing storage footprint by ergonomically fitting more SKUs into less space than static industrial shelving. Pick speeds and accuracy are dramatically improved, shaving valuable time from every order fulfilled, leading to measurable bottom-line improvements.

Dynamic high-density storage exponentially improves operational efficiency, making it a high-value addition for any fulfillment center, warehouse, or retail storage space.

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How Much Could SpeedCell Improve Your Operations?

Whether you need to add more SKU storage within your existing footprint or are setting up an entirely new space, SpeedCell dynamic high-density storage delivers unparalleled efficiencies for a wide range of businesses. How might dynamic storage improve the efficiency of your fulfillment center or warehouse over static industrial storage?

SpeedCell Boosts the Profitability of Entire Storage Facilities

As much as 50% of the labor costs in a warehouse are for order picking and replenishment tasks, so any improvement in efficiency here means a massive bottom-line boost. Better SKU organization translates to increased pick speeds, reducing your labor costs by up to 40%. With SpeedCell, you can compress 200’ of shelving or rack space into 40’ of highly organized and accessible storage space, saving you significant time and labor costs while reducing the likelihood of worker injuries due to improved ergonomics.UNEX SpeedCell Dynamic Industrial Shelving

One example of the kind of operational efficiency improvement you might expect is Overton’s, the world’s most extensive dealer of watersports and marine accessories. Overton's was able to see immediate and significant improvements in its fulfillment operations as a result of implementing the SpeedCell dynamic high-density storage solution:

  • 20-30% improvement in efficiency 
  • 150% increase in pick locations within the same space 
  • A measurable increase in orders picked per day per employee

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Dramatically Increase Pick Facings With SpeedCell

SpeedCell dramatically improves pick facings, making it vastly more ergonomic and efficient for your team members to pick SKUs for order fulfillment. This means you can quickly improve the profitability of your operations without moving to a new space or buying entirely new equipment.

How Is SpeedCell Superior To Static Shelving?

  • Increases SKU density and accessibility by utilizing the maximum amount of space within your racks
  • Allows you to store a significantly higher number of SKUs within less space
  • Increases the efficiency and accuracy of every pick
  • Boosts your storage density by 40-60%
  • Lowers labor costs up to 40%
  • Improves workplace ergonomics for less risk of injuries

Is SpeedCell Right For Your Facility?

UNEX SpeedCell can be configured with a wide variety of cell sizes, styles, column depths, and widths, along with the total number of cells per column. This flexibility enables you to custom design solutions tailored to your specific needs, improving inventory efficiency far beyond what’s possible with static shelving.

SpeedCell integrates seamlessly for significant improvements in the utilization of your warehousing, fulfillment, or retail backroom space. SpeedCell configurations range from 1-3 rows deep and up to 12 columns wide (144” wide bays), are ergonomically designed, resistant to fire and mold, and can hold up to 35 lbs in a single cell and 240 lbs in a single column. An operating temperature range of -20° to 180°F (-29° to 82°C) means your SpeedCell system will perform flawlessly no matter where you install it.

What Can Switching To SpeedCell Do For You?

Our custom configurator tool can help you envision just how much improvement in efficiency you could realize in your warehouse or fulfillment center. Explore our free SpeedCell product configuration tool at and discover what’s possible for your space!

Build a space-saving high-density storage solution in minutes with our FREE design tools

Contact the Space Optimization Specialists at UNEX

UNEX offers total solutions for your storage needs, including free engineering support for your SpeedCell project. When you need to increase the efficiency of your space and lower your labor costs, we’re ready to make it happen. Contact us today to explore the possibilities for your warehouse or fulfillment space!