Solution Spotlight: Pick Shelving

Some time ago, we ran a blog called “SpanTrack and Wave Order Picking.” That blog discussed the importance of knowing the throughput statistics in your operation. Understanding the throughput statistics of your products sounds simple and obvious in theory, but in practice, there are many companies who don’t have that information and see their productivity and efficiency suffer because of it. Those throughput statistics should inform nearly every facet of your storage- from layout to method of storage. Many of our posts and products deal with your medium-moving products, but today I want to discuss the slow-movers.

While your fastest-moving products are generally best kept palletized, there are a variety of storage methods available for medium and slow-moving products.

Many companies opt to keep their slow-movers on static shelving. However, UNEX offers a product called Pick Shelving, which is a more efficient alternative to static shelving by all measures.

Pick Shelving is not as deep as traditional carton flow, and therefore don’t store additional product behind. That is why they are best used for slow-movers. When compared to traditional shelving, Pick Shelving's tilted design allows workers increased product visibility and easier access to products, resulting in increased pick times and fewer mispicks. The presentation also has ergonomic advantages that reduce bending and reaching.

Pick Shelving is available in stationary or portable configurations and can be easily mounted to any existing racks or beams and, depending on weight and fire-code requirements is available in both steel and wire configurations.

Our space optimization specialists can design a storage system that is tailored to your specific needs. Contact us today for a throughput analysis and determine if Pick Shelving is the right solution for you.

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Posted by: UNEX