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SpanTrack Carton Flow Accessories and Options

Discover options to tailor SpanTrack to any application!


SpanTrack carton flow rollers and flow beds are the most reliable carton flow tracks in the industry. UNEX SpanTrack is a patented solution for warehouse storage and order picking. SpanTrack is unique because it drops into existing pallet rack, making installation a breeze. SpanTrack carton flow rollers and carton flow beds provide the most surface contact with items. Unlike older-style carton flow and plastic wheel rails, UNEX carton flow tracks prevent hangups that disrupt flow, ensuring products flow seamlessly to the point of pick.

As the makers of the most reliable carton flow tracks in the industry, we work hard to ensure we’re providing solutions that excel in optimizing space, reducing maintenance costs, and boosting bottom lines. UNEX offers a full line of accessories and options that set SpanTrack apart from other carton flow solutions. Whether you need infeed guides, impact zones, or slow down strips, you can rely on The Original Carton Flow Track to keep your processes and profits flowing!

In this article you will discover our full range of SpanTrack accessories and options, what they are used for, how they are implemented, and what they can do to further optimize flow in your facility.

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SpanTrack Accessories and Options

spantrack-carton-flow-accessories-slow-down-plateImpact Plate

The impact plate is a sheet metal plate that goes on the front or rear of your SpanTrack to strategically slow items down. These plates create friction for more surface contact to reduce impact on your carton flow tracks. Impact plates can be used to reduce impact when loading products and can also be used for slowing down product flow at the pick face. Impact plates simply snap on over your carton flow rollers or wheels.

spantrack-carton-flow-accessories-impact-zoneImpact Zone

An impact zone is a dense area of rollers at the rear of your SpanTrack Lane that are made of steel and built directly into your carton flow tracks. They consist of a twelve inch area of steel rollers that are on one inch roller centers. The rest of the track consists of two or three inch roller centers. The dense area of rollers in the rear of the track provides more surface area contact, taking the abuse off the loading process where impact is higher.

spantrack-carton-flow-accessories-ramp-stopRaised Pressure Relief Ramp Stop

A Raised Pressure Relief Ramp Stop is a sheet metal plate that easily snaps onto your SpanTrack rollers at the front of your bay. It is used to lift up the front of your product so it does not become wedged against the front beam or end stop. Ramp stops are effective in slowing down material flow and relieving back pressure from the foremost carton on longer spans.

spantrack-carton-flow-accessories-slow-down-stripsSlow Down Strips

Slow Down Strips are one-inch wide sheet metal strips that easily snap onto SpanTrack rollers. They create friction to slow items down before it reaches the front of the rack to prevent items from crashing into the front beam or stop.


spantrack-carton-flow-accessories-lane-infeed-guidesSpanTrack Lane Infeed Guides

SpanTrack Lane Infeed Guides are metal guides that attach to the outer channels of SpanTrack roller Lanes. These infeed guides allow employees to place items in the correct locations when loading items from the rear of a SpanTrack bay. SpanTrack Lane Infeed Guides easily attach to the side channels of your SpanTrack lane with a nut. Fixed guides force items to be placed in the correct location for optimal flow.

spantrack-carton-flow-accessories-wheel-bed-infeed-guidesSpanTrack Wheel Bed Infeed Guides

SpanTrack Wheel Bed Infeed Guides are yellow snap-on dividers that create individual flow lanes on SpanTrack carton flow beds. These infeed guides signal proper product placement when loading from the rear of your SpanTrack bay. The “shark fin” design is simple and can easily snap on and off the axles between the wheels of your SpanTrack Wheel Bed, allowing you to make lane adjustments quickly.

spantrack-carton-flow-accessories-lane-guard-railSpanTrack Lane Guard Rail

SpanTrack Lane Guard Rails are steel side guards that keep products in their designated lanes. Guard rails are used to contain product on roller lanes. They easily bolt to the side channels of your SpanTrack Lane and keep items flowing straight from the rear to the front of your bay.


spantrack-carton-flow-accessories-wheel-bed-guide-railSpanTrack Wheel Bed Guide Rail

SpanTrack Wheel Bed Guide Rail is an aluminum extrusion that runs the full length of span over a row of SpanTrack Wheel Beds. Guide rail simply snaps over carton flow wheels and is used to create individual lanes for products on carton flow bed levels.


spantrack-carton-flow-accessories-swing-stopSwing Stop

A Swing Stop is a stop that is placed on the front or rear of your SpanTrack and can be positioned up or down to facilitate product loading and unloading. Place the stop in the up position when items are flowing and being stored. Place the stop in the down position when picking or loading items. Swing Stops can be added to SpanTrack Lanes and are installed directly onto your tracks.

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Work With The Carton Flow Authority

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