Solution Spotlight: Shelf Track Carton Flow Shelving


Let's face it, plastic wheel rails are a pain in the neck. The wheels pop out and crack. The rails slide and bunch up in one section of your rack and bow under the weight of your cartons. Cartons drop through or get wedged between the rails. On a good day, you or your workers may only have to use a shepherd's hook a few times during a shift to pull down the cartons that simply won't flow down the rails. Much of the time that could be spent picking orders is instead spent on dealing with the inadequacies of a plastic wheel rail system.

Carton Flow Shelving Solution

The engineers at UNEX recognized the need for a plastic wheel rail replacement and developed a more effective and durable carton flow shelving solution you can retrofit to your existing racks - UNEX Shelf Track. Shelf Track is designed specifically to drop into existing structures and is engineered to work with any shelf or accessory you may be using in your facility. Instead of single lanes of plastic wheels, Shelf Track is available in both carton flow rollers and wheel beds to ensure your specific storage requirements can be met.

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Carton Flow Shelving Roller Lanes

Shelf Track roller lanes provide 300% more contact surface area than plastic wheel rails. This reduces imprinting on your cartons, and guarantees that your product won't get hung up on a busted rail or slip between rails. UNEX Shelf Track carton flow shelving provides superior flow to plastic wheel rails, allowing you to pick orders without the need for a shepherd's hook.



Carton Flow Shelving Wheel Beds

Shelf Track wheel beds offer superior flow from one end of the rack to the other allowing 90% left to right usage of the bay. Wheel carton flow beds allow you to reslot as you see fit, eliminating the need to rearrange your plastic wheel rails to make sure different-sized cartons don't drop between them. UNEX Shelf Track wheel beds utilize our innovative Hex Hub wheel design, drastically reducing friction in the system and allowing for uninhibited flow. Our Shelf Track carton flow shelving solutions are engineered with steel channels and axles, meaning the system can hold up under the pressure and won't bow due to the weight of cartons.

UNEX Shelf Track carton flow shelving wheel beds and roller lanes are backed by our industry-leading seven-year warranty. Shelf Track is guaranteed to decrease pick times and increase your operation's efficiency when compared to unreliable plastic wheel rails. Contact our Space Optimization experts to learn more about the benefits of Shelf Track or request a product sample kit to see our carton flow shelving solution in person!

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