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Ask the Space Wizard: What Are The Benefits of Roller Rack?

Roller Rack is a gravity flow rack designed by UNEX Manufacturing that can increase your storage density, boost your picking rates, and help grow your business. Roller Rack is engineered to provide seamless carton flow to maximize efficiency in order fulfillment, manufacturing, and retail operations.

There are many flow rack solutions out there, but there are a few unique features that set Roller Rack apart. So, what are the benefits of Roller Rack?

The Space Wizard

Here are 4 of the top benefits of this versatile gravity flow rack.

1: Roller Rack is fast and easy to transport, install, and use. Plus, it’s always in stock.

Roller Rack is designed to be operational without hours of assembly. Its roll-formed, welded construction and drop-in beam clips allow you to assemble a Roller Rack and outfit it with carton flow in minutes.

UNEX Roller Rack

Roller Rack is also pre-engineered in multiple widths, depths, and configurations - your beams and tracks will fit without the need to measure and cut while avoiding the longer lead times of customized carton flow racks.

Watch this 1-minute video for a full overview of Roller Rack gravity flow racks.


2: Roller Rack is flexible enough to meet your needs.

Roller Rack is a scalable carton flow solution, allowing the flow rack to grow and change with your business. Roller Rack can be used as a standalone carton flow unit or be connected to create a row of carton flow bays. It can also be equipped with various styles of carton flow roller lanes and carton flow beds to match your inventory mix and your picking methods. 

Roller Rack Carton Flow for Each Picking

This flexibility makes Roller Rack an ideal solution for common applications across industries. In a fulfillment center or warehouse, Roller Rack can be used to create effective pick modules, and are particularly well-suited for use on mezzanines. In a manufacturing setting, it can be utilized to create manufacturing supermarkets for reserve parts away from the assembly line.

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3: Roller Rack is a one-stop-shopping carton flow solution.

All the components of Roller Rack are conveniently sourced from one location - UNEX Manufacturing in New Jersey. The beams, uprights, carton flow tracks, and accessories come in a single purchase order and shipment. 

SpanTrack Carton Flow Infeed Guides

4: Roller Rack utilizes SpanTrack, the best carton flow track in the industry.

The secret ingredient in Roller Rack is SpanTrack, which provides unrivaled flow. Our roller lanes and wheel beds are engineered to maximize contact and minimize friction with a part or carton, keeping your inventory flowing without hangups or interruption. Roller Rack comes equipped with carton flow tracks that have set the industry standard for well over 50 years.

Want to learn more about how UNEX solutions like Roller Rack can benefit your operation? Check out our FAQ page or contact our space optimization specialists with any questions you may have.

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