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FIFO Storage Racks and Food Date Labels

UNEX FIFO Storage Racks in Convenience Store Distribution

FIFO Racking  - First In, First Out Storage

FIFO means first in, first out, and if you store your products using this methodology, you can ensure your customers will always receive the freshest products. Using customized FIFO storage racks from UNEX, gravity feed rear-load shelving means the merchandise is stocked from the rear and flows forward to the picking area. The products picked first have been on the racks the longest, while the freshest products are stocked at the back of the rack, minimizing waste. Space at the front of the rack quickly refills by roller tracks carrying the next-in-line product forward.

UNEX Roller Rack Flow Rack for FIFO Storage

UNEX gravity flow racks keep inventory in full visibility. Because items are picked from the front and stocked from the rear, restocking and picking can occur simultaneously with minimal travel and greater efficiency.

Using FIFO racks and date labels ensures food and beverage products are used within the correct date range. First in, first out storage keeps your products up to date. But FIFO storage racks also work for products with fast cycle times like apparel, parts with warranties, or products that can become quickly obsolete. So, use UNEX FIFO storage racks to reduce product spoilage or out-of-date items, leading to bottom-line improvements.

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Ever looked at a food or beverage label and wondered when to throw the product away because of the expiration date? With ten different, acceptable date label phrases that food and beverage manufacturers use, it's no wonder consumers are confused about when their items will expire. Today, manufacturers use labels saying, "expires on," "use by," and "better if used by." The Food Marketing Institute and the Grocery Manufacturers Association may adopt standardized labels that say "use by" or "Best if used by."

UNEX FIFO Storage Racks in Dairy Cooler

According to these organizations, "Use by" is a safety designation meant to indicate when perishable foods are no longer good. "Best if Used By" is a quality descriptor — a subjective guess of when the manufacturer thinks the product should be consumed for peak flavor." Manufacturers create methods for setting these dates. When consumers see a label that says, "Use by," they tend to believe it is a safety claim when it is typically a date that the product will be at its best in flavor and appearance. One consumer survey showed that 91 percent of consumers will throw food away if it is after the "use by" date when, in fact, it is still safe to eat or drink.

Manufacturers have until July 2018 to change to the new standards, although this is voluntary and means they may not change the date label. How can distributors be sure that they are selling the freshest products? They can store and pick the products using the FIFO storage methodology.

UNEX specializes in FIFO storage and engineered space optimization, serving several industries, including distribution, logisticsretail, and manufacturing.  To learn more about how UNEX can help your business increase efficiency and optimize storage space within your operation, click here to contact us.

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