Life After ProMat

As the ProMat show in Chicago begins to wind down, it's important to make preparations for the aftermath of the show.

If you're an exhibitor at the show, in all likelihood you'll be returning home with a heap of leads. However, without a basic strategy in place, it can be quite difficult to turn all those leads into sales. How do you make the best of your trade show experience? We put together a short list of three things you absolutely must do when ProMat comes to a close.

1. Follow Up

Almost 80% of all leads generated at a trade show are never followed up. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of leads, but it’s important to remember that every single lead represents a potential sale- be it from new customers or old customers who fell off over the years. Be the 20%- reach out to those leads with opportunities. If they came to see you at ProMat, chances are they are interested in working with you.

2. Say Thanks

Wondering how to reach out to all those leads you captured? A brief thank you note is a great way to follow up, and shows the lead that they weren’t simply a name and company entered into your lead machine. It also gives you an opportunity to supply the potential lead with a copy of all the information or literature you had in your booth. Trade show visitors check out an average of 26 booths per day- that’s a lot of literature to carry home. Using your thank you e-mail to get your information back in front of them ensures you have an opportunity to separate yourself from the post-show clutter. Try using social channels like Twitter or LinkedIn to add a personal touch and give your social engagements an extra boost.

3. Keep Your Promises

It’s important to keep notes and remember the discussions had and promises made to new leads. If you discussed sample kits, quotes, or even a visit with a potential lead, write that down on the back of their business card. You may be returning home with hundreds of new contacts, and unless you have an impeccable memory, some of the promises made and discussions had will inevitably slip through the cracks. Being able to follow through on your discussions at the trade show will go a long way in turning those potential leads into repeat customers.


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Posted by: UNEX