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How to Increase Efficiency in Your Beverage DC


How can distributors manage the increase in the number of products they handle and deliver? The old ways of handling beverages in the distribution center won’t work.

The beverage industry is booming, from craft beer to bottled water to energy...

What is Kaizen? - Lean Manufacturing

Our Updated Keg Storage Solution


The Brewers Association reports that 85% of Americans now live within 10 miles of a brewery, with over 7000 breweries in existence across the country. The craft beer business will continue to grow this year and beyond. With this growth, distribution...

What Is The 5S System? - Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing is one of the most prominent trends in production, and is essential to any successful manufacturer. 5S is a key component in achieving lean manufacturing - it is a workplace organizational philosophy that makes operations cleaner,...

Lean Manufacturing 101

The core idea of lean manufacturing is to maximize customer value while minimizing waste. Simply, lean means creating more value for customers with fewer resources. The term "lean" was coined to describe Toyota's business during the late 1980s by a...

Slowing Down the Flow in Carton Flow

How to decrease speed of cartons to reduce damage and breakage and increase safety and productivity.

In a fast paced world where speed is everything, sometimes it may make sense to slow down the flow in carton flow.

When replenishing, heavy cartons...

5 Ways to Reduce Work in Progress in Manufacturing

What is WIP and How to Reduce It

Work in Progress (WIP) is any inventory that has entered the manufacturing process but is not yet a finished product. Reducing WIP is one of the most important steps in achieving lean manufacturing, leading to...

Competing with Amazon’s One-Day Shipping

Amazon has done it again. When we just got used to two-day shipping, now they have introduced one-day shipping for Prime members. Amazon’s new one-day delivery window is putting pressure on other retailers. Now Walmart and others are trying to match...

Lessons Learned from ProMat 2019

ProMat 2019 has come to an end. Our feet are tired from standing in our booth for four days of exhibition to the thousands of ProMat attendees. Our ProMat booth was jammed with new prospects, old friends, industry partners and customers. We had a...

Remember the Toy, Stretch Armstrong? Reaching Objects at Heights

Do you remember the toy Stretch Armstrong? It was very popular in the 70’s. It’s arms, legs and body were filled with gel and you could stretch it to all kinds of lengths. The toy was reintroduced in 2016 and is still available today.

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