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Which Flow Rack System is Right for You?

UNEX FlowCell Flow Rack - Manufacturing Supermarket Setup

Choosing the right flow rack systems for your operation is a challenging task. The optimal flow rack will consider your industry, product, and operational methodologies. UNEX offers two durable, versatile, and reliable flow rack options in our FlowCell and Roller Rack product lines. But which flow rack system is right for your business?

UNEX FlowCell Mobile Industrial Workstation

How Can UNEX FlowCell Flow Rack Systems Benefit Your Operation

First, let's talk about FlowCell. FlowCell is our highly customizable modular flow rack that helps you achieve Lean principles by keeping inventory organized in your lineside and subassembly processes. FlowCell flow racks can provide a single lane of carton flow or a flow rack system of continuous storage bays, depending on your operation's needs. Our FlowCell flow rack systems can increase space utilization by up to 50%.

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UNEX engineers each FlowCell to order, and it is fully customizable. FlowCell features bolt-in beams that create a rigid flow rack structure that can be assembled with one tool in under an hour. Outfit the FlowCell with casters to make a mobile flow rack and move the unit where your process requires it or move it out of the way to clear the floor for cleaning purposes. In addition, UNEX FlowCell can be equipped with overhead toolbars, pick trays, and steel workbenches to turn the flow rack into a highly efficient industrial workstation with dynamic storage.

UNEX Roller Rack with SpanTrack Lane - Roller Carton Flow

What are the Benefits of a UNEX Roller Rack Flow Rack System

UNEX Roller Rack is a durable and easy-to-assemble flow rack ideal for a manufacturing supermarket. Regarding efficiency, Roller Rack outpaces standard pallet rack, allowing SKU storage seven times more dense, which reduces travel time between picks by 80%. In addition, Roller Rack has a knockdown design, making it simple to construct and disassemble.

This flow rack system features gravity lock teardrops that increase assembly speed and allow for simple adjustments. UNEX fabricates Roller Rack using far less steel than a standard pallet rack, making it an ideal choice for an operation that seeks to cut costs on storage rack purchases. In addition, UNEX Roller Rack is pre-engineered for shorter lead times and available in four- and eight-foot widths.

UNEX FlowCell Flow Rack - Industrial Workstation for Subassembly

What is the Best Flow Rack System for Your Operation?

While Roller Rack and FlowCell are interchangeable in certain situations, each flow rack system offers clear advantages when applied to different operations. For example, FlowCell and Roller Rack can create continuous bays of carton flow. However, while FlowCell maxes out at 1,000 pounds per level, Roller Rack can take on 2,000 pounds per level. If your operation requires heavier cartons or totes, Roller Rack may be your flow rack. FlowCell can be equipped with workbenches and toolbars, making this flow rack your optimal choice if your operation includes subassembly processes. FlowCell flow racks will also be the better option in situations where you need to rearrange the layout of your facility due to their portability.

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FlowCell and Roller Rack are reconfigurable, flexible solutions used in many processes throughout fulfillment, manufacturing, logistics, retail, and many other industries. Unlike many other flow rack systems on the market, FlowCell and Roller Rack bring many unique benefits over other solutions like pipe and joint or aluminum extrusions, saving you time, money, and frustration.

Of course, you don't have to weigh the benefits of our flow rack systems by yourself - our Space Optimization Experts are ready to help you determine which flow rack will work best for your operation.

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