Which Flow Rack is Right for You?

Choosing the right material handling equipment for your operation is no easy task. The optimal flow rack for you will take into account your industry, your product, and your methodologies. UNEX offers two durable, versatile, and reliable flow rack options in our FlowCell and Roller Rack product lines. But which one should you choose?

First, let's talk FlowCell. Flow Cell is our highly customizable flow rack that's all about achieving lean
principles in your lineside and subassembly processes. A FlowCell can provide a single lane of carton flow or continuous bays, depending on the needs of your operation. It is designed to be portable, and can be outfitted with casters in order to move the flow rack when your operation requires it, or to clear the floor for cleaning purposes. UNEX's FlowCell can be equipped with overhead tool bars, pick trays, and steel workbenches to turn the flow rack into workstation complete with dynamic storage. FlowCells feature bolt-in beams that create a rigid flow rack structure. It is engineered to order and is fully customizable.

Our Roller Rack is a durable and easy-to-assemble flow rack that is ideal for a manufacturing supermarket. When it comes to efficiency, Roller Rack outpaces standard pallet rack, allowing SKU storage that is seven times denser than pallet rack- this leads to a reduction in travel time between picks by 80%. Roller Rack has a knockdown design, making it simple to construct and disassemble.

This flow rack features gravity lock teardrops that increase the speed of assembly and allows for simple adjustments. It's also fabricated using far less steel than standard pallet rack, making it an ideal choice for an operation that seeks to cut costs on flow rack purchases. UNEX's Roller Rack is pre-engineered for shorter lead times and is available in four foot and eight foot widths.

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While Roller Rack and FlowCell are interchangeable in certain situations, each flow rack offers clear advantages when applied to a different operations. Both FlowCell and Roller Rack can be used to create continuous bays of carton flow. However, while FlowCell maxes out at 1,000 pounds per level, Roller Rack can take on 2,000 pounds per level. If you are specializing in heavier cartons or totes, Roller Rack may be your flow rack of choice. FlowCells can be equipped with workbenches and tool bars, making this flow rack your optimal choice over Roller Rack if your operation includes subassembly processes. FlowCells will also be the better option in situations where the layout of your facility must be rearranged due to its portability.

Of course, you don't have to weigh the merits of our flow rack by yourself- a UNEX Pickologist is at the ready to help you hash out which flow rack will work best for your operation. You can reach our expert Pickologists at our contact page, or by phoning UNEX at 1-800-334-UNEX. If you've already picked which flow rack works best for you, you can request a quote.

Posted by: UNEX